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Panama loses its tax haven status for 24 hours

Is Panama a tax haven? At the moment, we could still can consider it as such … But for how long? We have already got used to Governments just changing laws overnight.” We saw it in Cyprus, where during a … Continue reading

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Can tax havens be used legally?

Tax havens and their use by the rich, famous, or by large corporations are often the subject of controversy in the media, particularly since the beginning of the current economic and financial crisis. Because of their opacity, they are frequently … Continue reading

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Are British tax havens’ days numbered?

UK tax havens will likely come under increasing pressure in the coming months.  Recent informations published by the British press have revealed that Prime Minister David Cameron has sent a letter to the Governors of the ten British Crown Dependencies, … Continue reading

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Offshore leaks: tax havens once more on the spotlight

“Offshore leaks” is the name of a new scandal referred to tax havens, which spread through the Internet in the last few days. In this article, we’ll try to make a brief summary of the facts known so far. The … Continue reading

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Tax Havens - Investigating International Finance

Tax havens are used by wealthy individuals and companies to shift large sums of money around the world in secret, which costs governments billions in tax revenue. Critical video by the new economics foundation addressing tax evasion and tax avoidance … Continue reading

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