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What are tax havens? Where are they, what are their advantages and how does their complex economic and legal framework work?

We will try to answer these and other issues related to offshore financial centres and offshore banking from a simple casual, and independent point of view.

Our site is an extremely comprehensive beginner’s guide, which will help you to learn about all relevant aspects relating to tax havens and international finance. We will explain to you the most prominent figures and institutions of the industry. What is a trust, a private interest foundation, an IBC? What is a nominee director, a registered agent, what are bearer shares? What does the term offshore really mean?

We’ll show you step by step how offshore corporations are incorporated, the documents involved and the most important issues to be taken into account.

We will address the main legal and tax issues related to tax havens. Is it legal to own an offshore company or an offshore bank account? Is it possible to cut taxes without incurring in the crime of tax evasion? What is tax engineering?

We will discuss the peculiarities of foreign banking. What are numbered accounts? What is the patriot act or what are the policies of “due diligence” and “know your customer” (KYC)? Is it still possible to open an account by mail or through the Internet? What is bank secrecy?

Nor will leave aside the moral debate on tax havens. Is their use legitimate? Is there any truth in the manifold repeated accusations that they have become nests of terrorism, drug trafficking and tools for money laundering and tax evasion?

practical information about tax havens

On the other hand, if you are already familiar with the offshore business world and are considering the possibility of investing, incorporating companies or opening bank accounts in tax havens or international financial centres, you will find independent and most valuable information on our website.

Our practical guides and objective and rigorous articles, will allow you clarify your doubts and find unbiased opinions, so as to help you to make decisions in an informed manner.

What are the differences between the different offshore jurisdictions? Which are the most suitable places to set up a company, open a bank account or hire a virtual office? What aspects should be taken into account when choosing an offshore service provider? What are the best ways to protect your assets? Are there alternatives to a will? Is there a legal way to cut your tax bill?

We will also focus on the offshore services industry. Are they offering current solutions or expired recipes that will only bring you legal and tax complications? Is your provider impartial when it comes to advice or does he put his own economic interests before your security? Is he a real professional or just a reseller of “all inclusive packages” or even worse, a scam artist? Is the bank he is recommending solvent or is it just a “fly-by-night operation” that will go bankrupt within a few months leaving you without your hard-earned savings? You will find out that opportunities in fact exist, but also that all that glitters is not gold…

And finally, we will not forget the most important issue of privacy. How is the privacy of your investments to be maintained? Are your personal and financial details safe? What payment methods are confidential? Does bank secrecy really protect you?

We hope that you will find this website useful and we welcome your questions, comments or suggestions. We invite you to join us in this exciting journey through tax havens and offshore investments.

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